What Can A Heatmap Tool Do For Website Owners?

Heatmap tools are typically used by website owners who want to maximize conversions from their online content. The key benefit is that the data is presented in a very user friendly way, and it is easy to track the heatmapsimpact of any changes which are made to the website in response to the information.

Many webpages are designed to include one or more “calls to action”. This means that they have a purpose such as enticing visitors to purchase a product, an incentive to join a mailing list, or encouraging them to sign up for updates through outlets such as social media. Where these calls to action are placed is extremely important, as seemingly small details such as the placement can have a significant impact on conversion rates.

There are a number of analytical tools available for webmasters which will measure conversion, but often this data merely tells you what the rate is per webpage. Some tools will be more sophisticated and tell you the method of conversion, for example through an email form. But, again, this has limited use as a webpage may have two separate forms to collect the information and one may account for the vast majority of sign ups to a newsletter – which means that the other form is taking up valuable space on the page with very little benefit.

A heatmap tool is a deceptively simple method of tracking where visitors are clicking. The tool will generate a map for activity which shows the areas with the most clicks in reds and oranges, while the areas of the webpage with very few clicks will be shown in blue. This means that the webmaster can remove or rearrange any calls to action which are not delivering on conversions.

Studies have shown this approach to analytics to be very effective. There are numerous psychological influences which can affect where visitors’ eyes are drawn to on a webpage, and research indicates that there is a correlation of around ninety percent between where people look at the most and where they will click. If a webmaster moves an important call to action to a hotter area, he or she can then immediately see whether that has changed the behavior of the website’s visitors by switching on the heatmap tool.

Conversion rates are a reliable indicator of the effectiveness of a webpage. One of the best ways to improve these rates is through using a heatmap. Now what are heatmap tests? Click here to find out more about heatmaps.

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